Do you need a bike licence?

Yes, you do.

What is the minimum age to rent a scooter?

18 years is the minimum, 75 years is the maximum

What is the $250 security bond?

This is paid at time of pick up.  If the scooter is returned without any damage the security bond is returned within 5 days. We understand how frustrating it can be to chase up the bond at Ridely there are no hoops or obstacles. Ridely are committed to giving you back what is yours. Ridely’s guarantee to you:

  • Quick bond turn around within a 5 day period subject to a full condition report 
  • No need to wait any longer we understand what our renters need and ensure they are not left out of pocket
Rental periods

You can rent for as little at 2 days, there is no maximum rental period.

How much do I pay and when?

When you collect your scooter you will need to pay for 2 weeks in advance (or the total number of days if your rental is less than 14 days). If you are renting for more than 14 days we will set you up with a Direct Debit account using your nominated account.  You will then pay by weekly instalments, 7 days in advance. When you return your scooter the Direct Debit is cancelled.

What kind of scooters do you have?

We have 125cc and 200cc SYM scooters

Where are you located?

Melbourne address  
101 Commercial Road, South Yarra

Sydney address 
598 Harris Street, Ultimo

When can I drop off?

We do all our drops in the morning.  First one is at 9am and the last one at 12 noon. 
You will be charged for the day you pick up but not the day you drop off.

And phone holders?

Our scooters are fitted with phone holders

Top Boxes?

Some of our scooters have these fitted.  We do not charge extra for them, but you are not guaranteed them but you can request one.

Servicing and maintenance?

We regularly service our scooters.  You will receive an SMS asking for the kilometres on your odometer.  You must respond and provide us with your rego and kms. This enables us to regularly service your scooter and keep it maintained and safe.
During your rental you may receive an SMS telling you your scooter is due for a service.  You will be given a choice of days and times to bring your scooter in for a service and safety check. You must respond to this SMS and you must bring your scooter in for servicing and maintenance. It is our way of guaranteeing you a safe and well-maintained scooter.


We include commercial insurance in your rental rate.  If you need a copy of this to provide to a food delivery company we can give you this, it’s not a problem. You have Third Party Insurance.  This means this insurance covers any damage to a third party or their property, it does not cover the scooter.  You are liable for damage to the scooter.

What documents do I need to rent a scooter?

You must have a current motorbike licence.

If you do not have an Australian licence your own licence must be in English.

 If it is not you need to get it officially translated. This is the law in Australia – if you get stopped by the police they need to be able to read your licence.  And for us to insure you we need to be able to prove that your licence is current and that you are qualified to ride a motorbike. If you are not an Australian citizen you will also need to bring your passport with you.

Rent to buy?

Click here to fill in this form to find out how you can quickly become a scooter owner by renting to buy

Buy scooters?

We do not currently sell scooters but again check back later for updates.

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